Marketing Plan : Social Media for The Spark Foundation(TSF)

Marketing Plan is a necessary tool for every organization to engage with its target audience and optimize social media goals. In todays time it is necessary for the organizations to have presence in different social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc. to reach out with their target audience as almost millions of people uses these platforms daily.

First of all I would like to talk about The Spark Foundation:-

The Spark Foundation is a non- profit organization that works on education and also they are working to make sure that each child should be given equal opportunity irrespective of their background.

Programs offered by The Spark Foundation:-

  1. Student Scholarship Program
  2. Student Mentorship Program
  3. Student SOS Program
  4. Workshops
  5. Corporate Programs

Execution of Marketing Plan for Maximum Benefits:

An effective Strategy will help you develop your Brand Identity and in achieving desired goals. I hereby discussing Social Media Marketing plan to help TSF in achieving optimum results.

The target audience of TSF is the young students and freshers who have recently graduated, so it is necessary to have active presence in social media platforms and creating engaging content and posts to attract young minds.

Sample Post that can be posted on various social media platforms:-

The objective of TSF is to help students and fresh graduates to follow their dreams. TSF aims to Guide, Teach, Mentor and Monitor Students, to ensure their success in whatever field they are in. TSF launches its new program like — Student Mentorship Program. Under this Program, the students will learn through workshops, talks and interactive sessions.

So What are you waiting For?? as it is free of cost and gives you a great opportunity to explore your potential and talents.

Develop Audience Engagement:- Try to grab the attention of your content followers by frequently posting relevant content. Develop constant communication with the audience through posts, story feeds, reels, surveys, live-chat, success stories. Constantly posting 15 second videos, reels, clips, articles will help you build bond of trust with your brand and they will generate constant engagement with your target audience.

Growing Audience Base:- The above mentioned step will help to grow the audience, Growing audience base will means discovering conversations with audience and with the education industry.

Also we need to optimize the keywords used in our post to rank our page high in search results. Also we need to use trending hashtags in our post to get maximum reach.

As Spark Foundation majorly focuses on Inspire, Innovate and Integrate as its three primary mission goals. Hence, we need to showcase these through our social media posts and success stories.

Sample Post that can be posted on various social media platforms:-

We at The Spark Foundation aims to encourage, motivate students to learn to build better society and achieve success. We want students to learn new and innovative ways of thinking so every students learn techniques and skills which will help them to shape their dreams into reality.

So come and join us! Register for the workshop

Measures that we should care about:-

Clicks: This means the number of clicks received on content, posts, company name. Link Clicks plays a crucial role on towards knowing the how many users moves through our marketing funnel. Tracking Clicks per campaign helps you to understand what excites and encourages the audience towards the brand and in our case it is the enrolment in our program.

Here “call to action” are must. Links, buttons, forms must be included in each post so that clicks can be tracked and help us understand our success in social media platforms.

Reach: Other important aspect that we have to look is our post reach. Post Reach is the number of unique users who saw our post. It answers the question that how far the content is spreading in different social media platforms.

Writing posts with relevant keywords is very important it shows that the content is useful to the audience and will add value to the person who is reading that.

Engagement: It is the total number of social interactions divided by number of impressions. This indicates that how relevant your content is for your audiences if they show willingness to interact.

Hashtags: Hashtag performance is important in social media using trendy hashtags will help in creating engagement with the audience, and also it helps in increasing reach.

Summery: If The Spark Foundation follows the above mentioned methods to drive engagement and also follows social media strategies then they can surely achieve the desired results.